Pump Now Card

All Omaha metro Bucky's locations offer Pump Now & Rewards Card™ which is used in the card readers at the pumps to pre-authorize a cash transaction.  You don't have to pre-pay inside or use your credit card at the pump.  With the Bucky's Pump Now™ card, you can fuel up first then go inside to buy a snack, a beverage or anything else—and pay for it all at once!

With a valid drivers license, you can receive a Pump Now™ card that recognizes you as a valued customer and offers a convenient solution to guessing how much fuel you need in your vehicle.
Stop in any of the Omaha metro Bucky's, get your Pump Now™ card and pump now!


"Pump Now & Rewards Card" is a registered trademark of Bucky's Convenience Stores. The Pump Now & Rewards Card is to allow the approved user to bypass prepayment for gasoline at designated prepay Bucky's Convenience Stores. This card has no other value and cannot be used as a credit card. For more information contact Bucky's Convenience Stores at 402-558-9860.