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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I update my favorite location, preferred type or offer receipt preferences?
From the main screen, the far right navigation button will take you to your account.
The "Preferences" tab will open the screen that allows you to update your preferences.

Ordering, Purchasing and Rewards
Why do I need to create an account?
It is necessary to create and verify an account in order to access secure features on the App such as pay in-store, favorite orders and locations, exclusive offers, rewards and unlimited car wash membership opportunities.

General App Functions
How do I transfer my account info if I get a new phone?
Download the Bucky's App on you new phone from Google Play or Apple App Store and sign into the App using the same user credentials you had on your previous phone. Your account should be intact. Your favorites will be displayed and all of your information will transfer upon sign-in.

Specific App Functions
I downloaded the Bucky's App but why am I not getting any wash codes?
To receive wash codes, there are three key actions that you must do.
1. Create an account with password and set up payment method on the app
2. Allow app access to your phone's GPS system so it knows when you are at a Bucky's location near a car wash
3. Purchase a car wash monthly plan or single wash

How do I locate a Bucky's near me?
With GPS location services activated on your Bucky's App, the closest Bucky's to your location should appear on the home screen. To locate additional stores near you, click on the Location pin at bottom of the screen. Up to 20 Bucky's stores nearest you will appear on a map.

Why are only a maximum of 20 stores displayed at one time?
For user convenience and to simplify your experience, only 20 Bucky's locations are displayed at any one time.

How often are gas prices updated on the App?
We try to update gas prices as often and as quickly as possible at they are changed at the store. However, due to communication and technical issues, prices provided may not always be accurate. The price at the gas pump will always be correct.