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Bucky's logoUsing Bucky's App

The top of the Home page displays the nearest Bucky's store using GPS. This is will display correctly if you allow the Bucky's App access to your mobile phone's GPS capability. In fact, the App can only provide you car wash codes while at a Bucky's location if it has access to your GPS. On the home page you will see the address and distance to your nearest Bucky's store, along with current per gallon price at that location of your preferred fuel. In the Preferences section (see below), you can choose what type of fuel you prefer to see for pricing, e.g. regular unleaded, premium unleaded or diesel to name a few of the fuel choices

Click this icon to view a map showing up to 20 of the closest Bucky's locations to you, within approximately a three-mile radius. Once on the map, you can zoom in or out, and move around the map which always display where there is a Bucky's Convenience Store. Above the map are two other choices for locating a Bucky's store. Clicking List starts with the nearest store at top then continues listing the further stores in order of distance. By clicking Filter, you can choose desired amenities or features, then click Apply to see the closest Bucky's offering those features, such as car wash or ice cream.

Click to see special coupons exclusively available on the Bucky's App, or a few of our hottest in-store offers available to all customers
Bucky's App coupons will have both a limited redemption time and limit. As long as the coupon is displayed on your App, you can use it! When at the store and ready to redeem your coupon with product and phone in hand, click Redeem. A timer will begin counting down from 10-minutes before the offer goes away. Show cashier your phone screen with App time running and offer. The cashier will need to scan the UPC bar on your screen. When the redemption limit is met, the coupon will not display any more on your App. The App coupon also allows you to click and see the Bucky's stores, in order of closest proximity where you can redeem the offer.

Car Wash
This icon takes you to the car wash section of the App. With an active membership you can get car wash codes when at a Bucky's locations. Here you can also ship to purchase an monthly unlimited car wash plan for yourself or to give someone else who is also an app subscriber. You can also purchase single car washes. In this section you can get complete details when clicking 'Instructions On Our Unlimited Wash Plans

Clicking More takes you to many options for the management of your Bucky's App including your account, payment method and preferences, as well as accessing our App Help Center. Here our menu highlights of what's available in this section

Personal information required for using the Bucky's App

Set your Bucky's favorite store and preferred type of fuel, e.g. Regular, Premium or Diesel. Here you can opt in for alcohol and tobacco offers

Car Wash Membership
Manage your vehicle license plate number as well as access current car wash code and receipts from purchases made on the App.

Payment Methods
Input one or more payment methods to use for in-App purchases such as monthly car wash memberships

Choose how you want to receive special notifications on the Bucky's App, if any at all

Help Center
View our App Frequently Asked Question or Contact Us with questions and comments

About & Policies
Read the Bucky's App Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy