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Bucky's Express

Bucky's #1204

1300 NASA Parkway
Nassau Bay, TX 77058

We’re open 24 hours a day, seven days a week!

While you’re filling up outside, satisfy your own thirst & appetite inside!

  • Ready-to-enjoy sandwiches for breakfast, lunch and dinner
  • Everything in snacks… the salty and the sweet
  • Bakery fresh donuts, pastries and muffins
  • World’s Best Coffee Period and cappuccino
  • Our massive soda fountain and cooler selection
  • Plus, lottery tickets, gift cards and tobacco products at the lowest price allowed by law!
Bucky's Fuels
Ethanol Gasoline 87 Octane
Ethanol Gasoline 93 Octane
Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel
Ethanol Gasoline E85 (flex fuel)
Ethanol Blend E-15
Added Conveniences at this Bucky's Location
Ice Cream Cones!
Rapid Wash Car Wash
Carpet Shampooer
Free Air
B-Grillerzz Dogs
B-Fresh Sandwiches & Salads
Propane Tank Exchange
Featuring Take 5 Pizza restaurant serving made-to-order pizza with 5 toppings ready in 5 minutes for only $5!