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Bucky's Express

Bucky's #342

4215 S. Highway 169
St Joseph, Missouri 64503

I-29/Highway 169 interchange

We’re open 24 hours a day, seven days a week!

While you’re filling up outside, satisfy your own thirst & appetite inside!

  • Ready-to-enjoy sandwiches for breakfast, lunch and dinner
  • Everything in snacks… the salty and the sweet
  • Bakery fresh donuts, pastries and muffins
  • World’s Best Coffee Period and cappuccino
  • Our massive soda fountain and cooler selection
  • Plus, lottery tickets, gift cards and tobacco products at the lowest price allowed by law!
Shell Fuels
Non-Ethanol Gasoline 87 Octane
Non-Ethanol Gasoline 91 Octane
Ethanol Gasoline 93 Octane
Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel
Added Conveniences at this Bucky's Location
Ice Cream Cones!
Rapid Wash Car Wash
Car Vacuums
Free Air
B-Fresh Sandwiches & Salads
Beer, Wine & Liquor
Propane Tank Exchange
Featuring Take 5 Pizza restaurant serving made-to-order pizza with 5 toppings ready in 5 minutes for only $5!